Key Features
  • High-quality 1296p - 3MP HD video

    A crystal-clear 3MP (2304 x 1296) resolution for unparalleled image precision and detail

  • 24/7 Wi-Fi connectivity

    Establish a continuous 24/7 connection as your Wi-Fi router seamlessly links with the system, utilizing the reliable 2.4GHz frequency for constant accessibility

  • Night vision capability extending up to 10 meters

    Equipped with 4 Array IR LEDs, ensuring a 20-meter distance guarantee. Additionally, White LED extends visibility up to 15 meters for enhanced clarity in low-light conditions

  • Two-Way Communication Capability

    For Communication, Full duplex audio intercom with a built-in hi Experience full-duplex audio intercom capabilities featuring a built-in high-sensitivity microphone and speaker for seamless and clear two-way communication

  • Humanoid detection capability

    Intelligent motion and human-based tracking feature ensure that you never miss thing

  • Zoom for Clarity

    Zoom in effortlessly with a 10x digital zoom feature, ensuring detailed surveillance and close examination of your surroundings

  • Wired Connectivity

    Features an RJ45 LAN connector with 100 Mbps speed for reliable and stable network connection

  • Wide-angle viewing of 110◦

    Enhance surveillance efficacy with a sophisticated system featuring a 110-degree wide-angle view, ensuring comprehensive coverage for meticulous security monitoring

  • Real-time smartphone viewing around the clock

    Seamless Surveillance Anytime, Anywhere - Utilize cloud storage and a mobile android and iOS app for remote property monitoring, granting you access from any location

  • Personalized Voice Alerts

    Customize pre-recorded alarms for tailored security notifications that suit your specific needs and preferences

  • Universal Compatibility

    Effortlessly combines with any NVR supporting ONVIF standards, providing a flexible and interoperable solution for comprehensive surveillance

  • Supports micro-SD cards up to 256 GB

    Rest easy knowing that your footage is always secure with Micro SD card support of up to 256GB, providing ample space for continuous recording

  • Simple installation process

    Effortlessly combines with any NVR supporting ONVIF standards, providing a flexible and interoperable solution for comprehensive surveillance

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I install the Suraksha Wi-Fi Camera?

Installation is a breeze! Follow the user-friendly instructions in the manual, including preset points, Wi-Fi connection, and QR Code configuration for seamless setup.

What is the range of the Night Vision feature?

Can I monitor my property remotely?

How does the Two-Way Communication feature work?

Is the camera compatible with smart home ecosystems like Alexa?

What is the storage capacity for recorded footage?

Can I customize alerts for specific events?

Does the camera support zooming capabilities?

How wide is the viewing angle of the camera?

Is customer support available for assistance?

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