Internet Streaming-Add Ons

With Alliance Broadband in addition to our internet plans, we also provide access to a range of OTT’s to enhance your entertainment experience. You can access popular OTT streaming services that allows you to stream your favourite movies, TV shows, Sports and other content seamlessly without any interruptions. Whether you are into action, comedy, drama, or any other genre, there is something for everyone on these streaming platforms. You can subscribe to these services separately and enjoy even more content options.

Our high-speed internet connectivity ensures that you can enjoy your favourite content without buffering or delays. We offer a range of internet plans to suit your needs, from basic plans for casual browsing to high-speed plans for heavy usage.

At Alliance Broadband, we understand that our customers have diverse entertainment preferences. That's why we provide access to a wide range of OTT streaming services, enabling you to choose the services that best suit your preferences. With our internet plans and OTT streaming services, you can enjoy seamless streaming of your favourite content anytime, anywhere.

PLANOTT PlatformsCost
LITE  120.00
DELITE  200.00
LUXE  300.00


What are the OTT Packages?

Alliance Broadband brings entertainment through the internet by providing different OTTs as VAS bundled with OTT packages for our valuable customers.

What are OTT Add-ons?

Alliance Broadband brings entertainment through OTT bundle as Add-ons for our valuable customers having Non OTT packages. OTT Add-ons can be subscribe separately.

How to get Alliance OTT subscription?

User can avail OTT subscription by subscribing bundled OTT packages For NON-OTT packages user can avail OTT by subscribing OTT Add-ons while renewal of broadband account through

How to get the credentials of each OTTs subscription?

Once the subscriber registered with OTT Packages or OTT Add-ons will get credentials within 24 Hours through contact (Email Id or Mobile Number) details given in subscriber Alliance Broadband Account.

Do I need to update my email id or mobile number with my Alliance Broadband account?

It is mandatory to update Email ID and Mobile number both to receive subscription for OTT from Alliance Broadband.

How to update my contact details of Broadband account?

Send an e-mail to with subject mentioned your Broadband Account Customer ID. Rest of the details including updated Email ID and Mobile Number at your mail body.

What is the validity of OTT packages and OTT Add-ons?

Validity period is depends on broadband account expiry date. Once your broadband account gets expired or you have subscribed with the package which is not a part of OTT pack, you will no longer get the services.

Can I get credentials of OTT from upgrading the current package to OTT package?

No, you will not get credentials of OTT while upgrading the package. Once your current package expires then you can renew your broadband account by changing the pack to OTT pack. After that you are entitled to get the OTT credentials.

If I have multiple Alliance broadband accounts and all the accounts have the same email id with the same phone number register with OTT pack. Am I receiving the OTT credentials for all the broadband accounts?

No, you will only receive a single OTT credential for the same email id or phone number. OTTs never support multiple accounts with the same email id or phone number. In order to get OTT credentials for all the broadband accounts, you need to register different email id and phone numbers for each broadband account.

Can I subscribe to OTT Add-ons while having OTT Packages?

OTT Add-ons are only available with Non-OTT Packages; you can’t subscribe OTT Add-ons with OTT Packages.