Android Box Terms and Conditions

The following Terms & Conditions are furnished below for customers of M/S. Alliance Broadband Services Pvt. Ltd (herein referred to as the Company). That Alliance Broadband Services Pvt. Ltd customers who are desirous in obtaining Google Certified Android Box issued by the company for the expressed purpose of personal viewing of (OTT) services and content being made available by the company through such a device.

The device is issued subject to the customer having consented on:

  1. That the customers have to pay a Refundable Security Deposit. However as a part of the Limited Period Promotion Offer namely Welcome 300, the said Refundable Security Deposit is not made applicable.
  2. That the customers have to submit copies KYC documents that contains Customer Identity and Installation Address proof (e.g. Aadhar, Passport, Voter Card, PAN etc)
  3. That the customer admits and understands that the device is an exclusive property of Alliance Broadband Services Pvt. Ltd and issued to clients on a Refundable Security Deposit basis, till such time proposed to exist by the company. However, as a part of the Limited Period Promotion Offer namely Welcome 300, the said Refundable Security Deposit is not made applicable.
  4. That the customer must arrange to maintain and upkeep the device to achieve optimal running efficacy of operation.
  5. That the customer is responsive and aware of preserving the Intellectual Property for both the device and the OTT content being transmitted through the device. That this device is issued for restricted personal usage and viewing only, the device offered must be specifically used at the home/premise of the customer and not permitted for use in any commercial purpose, viewing or show. The customer hereby declares that the device intentionally or otherwise should not be used for reasons that may involve violation of Intellectual Rights and Property and through this compliance indemnifies the company against any such violations conducted by the customer, whatsoever.
  6. That the customer agrees to allow free access, i.e., ingress and egress facility to the company's representative at all times for physical inspection of the device, as and when required, however with prior appointment from the customer.
  7. That in case should the installed device experience any act of larceny physical damage, misuse including exposure to electrical surge. The customer must make good such loss to the company, if any immediately on occurrence of such an incident.
  8. That in case the customer wishes to discontinue the service of the device with the company. The customer must intimate the company in writing of such a desire to discontinue.
  9. Once such intimation of discontinuation is received by the company, the technical team of the company will visit the customer premise and inspect, assess and evaluate the condition of the device, prior physical removal of the device from the customer end by the team. Once the act of physical removal of the device from the customer premises is complete by the technical/ assessment team, the refund arrangement process would be initiated accordingly. The process of refund would involve ‘Device Condition Report’ being obtained by the respective department authorizing refund. Post evaluation and accounting for depreciation and/all other relevant charges/damages as applicable, refund would be initiated electronically to the customer’s bank account details as provided to us. The management decision in case of all refunds is final and binding to the customer.