Arjun Kar

I have been an avid gamer for the last four to five years. The competitive gaming world requires a good system to run my games but most importantly requires a seamless hi-speed internet connection. In my initial days, I have my fair shareof lagging internet connection experience, and there is nothing more irritating for a gamer than a buffering gameplay. Upon researching, I chose my perfect internet plan from the plethora of option provided by Alliance Broadband. It has been almost a year with Alliance, and I am super impressed by their seamless, fast internet service.

Nishikant Dhar

Alliance Broadband is a crowd favourite when it comes to seamless and hi-speed internet connection. I was sceptical upon opening my first store providing Alliance internet to customers, but I realised that the need for internet was constant. With the number of students living in my area rising, it was like Alliance’s affordable plans were made for them. Alliance’s 24×7 support staff combined with their uninterrupted and fast internet is one of the many reasons for their plans being booked by numerous customers of all age groups.