How to Fix A Bad Internet Connection While Working Remotely

In the initial days of the coronavirus outbreak, governments across the world initiated strict lockdown rules. The global lockdowns shut non-emergency offices worldwide. While working from home in those early days of lockdown seemed like a blessing, with passing days, the evil side of working from home came to light.

Hordes of users, going online to conduct meetings, finish last night projects, etc. took a substantial toll on the corporate internet. It caused below-average speed dips that wreaked havoc in work environments. Ookla is a worldwide organization that tests internet speed, showed ‘a continuous degradation in monthly speed’ at an international level.

These are some technical and non-technical ways to fix your network issues for high speed unlimited internet-

Signal Boosting-

Sometimes a minor tweak to your Wi-Fi set-up can fix your internet problems. Placing the router in a central part of your home, on a desk or shelf can improve your network speed. If this fails, try rebooting your router and changing your router settings. Consider options like Wi-Fi repeaters or Wi-Fi extenders to enhance your existing signal.

Close the Tabs

Often, surfing through a webpage, researching, and gathering facts, one shift to a different job without closing the tab. Unattended tabs take up the bandwidth that reduces the overall speed of your internet. Always remember to close unused tabs.

Check the Speed

With the help of internet speed testing platforms like Ookla and Fast, one can take a note of their internet speed and get a brief idea of their network. Too many people connected  to the internet can overload the bandwidth. Routine malware, virus, and system update check-ups are other potential technical fixes.

Limiting the Entertainment

Streaming and surfing can work up internet speeds too. Multiple users on a single connection, each streaming videos and movies is the main reason behind lagging internet. Make well-scheduled routines that allocate different hours of the day for activities online. Immense usage of the same connection by various users can also result in an extreme slowdown or even a system crash.

Minimal is the Way

Getting rid of gadgets that you do not need for immediate use can also be helpful for enhancing your network connectivity. In today’s day and age, every household is riddled with numerous electrical appliances that work on the internet received from the common WiFi. It is impractical to throw away all the gadgets to work from home, but you can switch these devices off for the hours when you are working. This will allow your internet connection to be centered to one device at one time.

These are just some of the many ways you can work around a poor and unstable internet connection. Internet Service Providers like Alliance Broadband provide high speed unlimited internet to its customers. Choosing such connections to allow a seamless remote working experience which thereby leaves your productivity unaffected.