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Alliance Hungama Packages for Kolkata Subscribers


    Rs 1150/Month
  • 120 Mbps
  • No Data Transfer Capping
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  • SPEED+

    Rs 1500/Month
  • 150 Mbps
  • No Data Transfer Capping
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  • FLASH+

    Rs 2600/Month
  • 200 Mbps
  • No Data Transfer Capping
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    Rs 7000/Month
  • 500 Mbps
  • No Data Transfer Capping
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    Rs 13500/Month
  • 1024 Mbps
  • No Data Transfer Capping
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Alliance Hungama Packages for Rest of India Subscribers

  • SWIFT +

    Rs 1350/Month
  • Total Bandwidth 75 Mbps
  • Usage
  • 24/7 Support
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  • BLAZE +

    Rs 2000/Month
  • Total Bandwidth 100 Mbps
  • Usage
  • 24/7 Support
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Hungama Account FAQs

Alliance associates with Hungama to bring an unlimited entertainment with unlimited data transfer for our valuable customers.

Hungama account is completely free with Hungama enabled Alliance packages mentioned above. If you are an Alliance customer (on selected packages) you will get a free subscription.

Once you get registered with the Hungama enabled Alliance's mentioned package, you will get your Username and Password in your registered mobile number within 24hrs.

To get Alliance Hungama account, you need to update your mobile number in your broadband account.

Send mail to abspl@alliancebroadband.co.in with subject mentioned your broadband customer ID. Rest of the detail including updated mobile number at your mail body.

Once your broadband account get expire, the hungama account will be get deactivated. For continuation of the service you need to keep your broadband account active.

Once you get Hungama account credentials at your registered mobile. You can login by visiting www.hungama.com/alliance or you can download Hungama Video and Music App in your mobile via Google Play Store.

As of now we are not offering Hungama account with other packages. You need to register with Hungama enabled Alliance packages only (mentioned above).

Hungama Offering FAQ

Hungama.com is your one-stop entertainment shop. Here you can sample, select and download your favourite Music Tracks & Videos. Stream your favourite Movies, TV Shows, Kids Shows/Films, Short Films, Documentaries and Live Shows.

Hungama.com has all your fill of entertainment. Just browse through our massive library of more than 10 million + content pieces of Music, 5000+ movies & 1500+ hours of TV across English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi, Bengali and other languages. Just take your pick from the best of Indian entertainment and much more.

Yes, you can download the entertainment content (Music Tracks & Videos. Movies/TV shows can be downloaded on Hungama Play App) that are listed on the Hungama.com site.

Any MP3/MP4 tracks can be downloaded a maximum of 3 times


  • P-31 Nani Gopal Roychowdhury
    Avenue, Phillips, Kolkata -700014
  • abspl@alliancebroadband.co.in
  • Phone: 033-7100 2000