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Faster Browsing with Google Chrome

Fast web browsing using Google Chrome Web browserGoogle chrome is one of the most popular web browser in world, used in different platform like for Microsoft Windows,Linux, macOS, iOS and AndroidChrome is always packed with several essential features. It is said as an truly fast web browser; it loads and displays pages almost instantly, has a simple design making it easy to use, start-up page lists the most frequent pages you have visited , It can automatically translates pages...

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Basics for Faster Web Browsing

Despite of having a healthful source of Internet, there could be many reasons for you experience slow internet browsing, first we will review for basics !  Here we discuss some useful practices to achieve faster browsing speed. We assume that you  first check for background activity. Sometimes, when your Internet connection seems unusually slow, may happen that  something else is running in the background. Find your browser's download manager and ensure no...

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Ten Tips to keep your WINDOWS healthy

How many people admits that installing or reinstalling Windows is is time-taking and backbreaking job and not likable to do for a same PC many times Certainly, this is not our daily task, and so we need to ensure ourselves that after installation  or re-installation we take extra care for using online !!! And secured !!!Cyber criminals revealed new levels of ambition in last year !! So this is a must do task to that we follow some extra steps in order to increase our online...

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A Short History of the Internet

We can barely survive without internet service providers. As a city that is finally catching up with the other big metros of the country, internet plays a pivotal role in its evolution to a world-class city. So many services of private and public sector players are now available through the internet offered by low cost internet connection providers in Kolkata. But how much do you actually know about the birth and the evolution of the internet itselfYou have to credit the United States...

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