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Faster Browsing with Google Chrome

Fast web browsing using Google Chrome Web browser

Google chrome is one of the most popular web browser in world, used in different platform like for Microsoft Windows,Linux, macOS, iOS and AndroidChrome is always packed with several essential features. It is said as an truly fast web browser; it loads and displays pages almost instantly, has a simple design making it easy to use, start-up page lists the most frequent pages you have visited , It can automatically translates pages into a language you get .You can search the internet through your address bar at any time. You may browse the internet without being logged using new private feature of Chrome : Incognito. you can alter the color and theme of the browser.Chrome takes only seconds to install.

There are so many good things to say about chrome browsing. well, still it can be tweaked for even better performances. Here are ....!

Update Google Chrome

Update your browser. Over time, Internet browsers get replaced with newer iterations and become obsolete. If you continue to use an old version of a browser, you'll eventually begin to notice that your Internet seems slower, since the old browser isn't equipped to handle new content. Solve the problem by updating to a current browser.

Clear Browsing Data

Your browser collects lots of information as history and cache from lots of websites that you are visiting. This data are taking up some memory space which ends up making your browser to run slow.

To check cache, Type : chrome://cache

To remove data, Type : chrome://settings/clearBrowserData

Alternatively, to clear your browsing data, simply click on the Chrome button by the right side of your browser > click on settings > Scroll down and click on "Show Advanced Settings" > From the options that will appear, scroll down until you see "Privacy". Under "Privacy" you see "Clear browsing data" Click on this option, select what you want to clear and click ok to complete the clearing of your browsing data on Google Chrome.

Install the Google Data Saver extension

Google Data Saver extension uses the Google servers to compress and optimize web pages before they are delivered to your browser.

Google Chrome flag

Google Chrome packs many secret and experimental features under its hood. These are experiments by the developer team of Google Chrome ,some experiments very useful to boost page-loading and rendering engines of Chrome browser.

To introduce, Type : chrome://flags/

Experimental Canvas Features allow the Chrome to make use of opaque canvases to amplify the loading times and boost performance.

1.Experimental Canvas Features allow the Chrome to make use of opaque canvases to amplify the loading times and boost performance.

To enable experimental canvas features:

Type/Copy-paste chrome://flags/#enable-experimental-canvas-features Click on Enable and then Relaunch Now button

2.The Fast Tab/Window Close option increases the response time of the browser when a user tries to close tabs or windows. Enabling this feature runs onUnload.js handler in a tab independently of the graphical interface and speeds up the closing process.To enable fast tab/window close feature:

Type : chrome://flags/#enable-fast-unload in the address barClick on Enable and then Relaunch Now button

3. Maximum Tiles refers to the tiles for interest area. Increasing the maximum number of tiles allows Chrome to show more tiles based on your interests or browsing history, which allows you to quickly open a new website from the interest area.

To increase the number Maximum Tiles:

Type : chrome://flags/#max-tiles-for-interest-area in your browser , & choose 512 from the dropdown. Click Relaunch Now.

4. Raster Threads are responsible for rendering images in Chrome . Increasing the number of raster threads improves the image rendering time, and influences page loading time.To increase the number of raster threads:

Type : chrome://flags/#num-raster-threads in Chrome.Select 4 from the dropdown menu and click Relaunch Now

5.Simple Cache is the new caching mechanism for Google Chrome.To enable Simple Cache:

Type : chrome://flags/#enable-simple-cache-backend in your browser.Select Enabled from the dropdown. Click Relaunch Now button.

Check Enable Prefetch Resources :Select Settings , scroll down and select the Advanced option.Scroll down to the Privacy and security section, then toggle the Use a prediction service to load pages more quickly option to the right to enable.

Check your browser for malware

To scan your Chrome installation for malware, Google makes a Chrome Cleanup Tool available to Windows users.It might also be a good idea to scan the system using something such as Malwarebyte's Anti-Malware. Mac users can check out Malwarebyte's Anti-Malware for Mac.



05 Feb 2018

WOW.. what a speed.. i get really 100 mbps


05 Feb 2018

nice service guys... i love your company

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