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A Short History of the Internet

We can barely survive without internet service providers. As a city that is finally catching up with the other big metros of the country, internet plays a pivotal role in its evolution to a world-class city. So many services of private and public sector players are now available through the internet offered by low cost internet connection providers in Kolkata. But how much do you actually know about the birth and the evolution of the internet itself

You have to credit the United States Department of Defence for starting off the chequered history of the internet. Their purpose was to bring several computers spread across the country, like universities and colleges, not to mention defense and security establishments under one umbrella of network. They started something called the Advanced Research Projects Agency in the late 1960s. The acronym then was ARPA and finally morphed to DARPA.

Then in December 1969, with the help of 4-node networks of 56 kbps, the network was expanded into what was called MILNET in USA and MINET in Europe. This network was joined with ARPA and the ARPANET was set up. There were several thousand users signing up with the ARPANET. The only catch in this network was that it was forbidden territory for commercial use. Finally, the ARPANET was decommissioned in 1989.

Before the ARPANET was phased out, experiments were going on to bring up something more robust and congestion-free. The result of these experiments was NSFNET, developed by the National Science Foundation. This was more of a network with peer networks like NASA Science Network joining the fray. By 1988, the NSFNET had graduated to a 1.544 mbps speed.

In 1990, IBM, along with Merit and MCI joined in and developed the Advanced Network Service or the ANS. When it was 1991, there was so much data flowing through the network that the backbone had to be upgraded to a speed of 45 mbps. It was only in the early 1990s that there was a growing need for the commercial use of the NSFNET. More players were throwing in their hats, lobbying for the network to be thrown open.

Finally the NSFNET was decommissioned in the April of 1995 and the modern internet was Born!!!!


madan mohan sasmal

08 Mar 2018

i didn't give upload speed but browsing and download are amazing.

Madhab Dutta

28 Sep 2017

ABSPL is discriminating between its KOLKATA Users and the REST OF BENGAL Users. The Kolkata users often see tremendous Speed Upgrade whereas the ROB users lag behind them. They are enjoying 5 times more speed than RoB users in the same price bracket. THIS IS INSANE. THIS IS TOTALLY A DISCRIMINATION.

Pritam Adak

13 Aug 2017

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Subir Bose

25 Jul 2017

Sir, do you have any plan to upgrade speed of your existing plans in this year.

deepak kaushal

21 Jul 2017

plz you spreed network to other place like in patna bihar we are waiting for you


27 Jun 2017

Nice Blog

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